Listen to India

Christians Aware Summer School
At Launde Abbey, Leicestershire
July 2327, 2018

Taking Part:

Israel Selvanayagam, Methodist minister, Evesham, formerly of Tamilnadu
Theological Seminary, and Principal of the United College of
the Ascension, and UTC, Bangalore
Arul Israel, Indian dancer and teacher.
Andrew Wingate, TTS, Principal of the West Midlands Course;   Principal of
C of A, founder of St Philip’s Centre, Leicester, now in
Chichester Diocese.
Sylvia Taylor - Leader of Christians Aware Group in India
Eric Lott Methodist lecturer and writer
Shobha Gosa and Jawahar Babu Ravuri, educational project leaders,
Jessie and Anand Asir, Formerly of Leicester Diocese, now Battersea,
Southwark, Jessie Chair of Friends of the Church in India. 
Chris Asir,All Saints Belgrave, lay Canon.
Michael Roden, Vicar of Hitchen, initiator of the much acclaimed Partition
educational project.
Subbash Chellaiah, Chaplain of Lincoln University, formerly of the Henry
Martyn Institute, Hyderabad.
Smitha Prasadam, Vicar of St Alban’s Church, Copenhagen, formerly of St
Paul’s, Hamstead, Birmingham. 
Jemima Prasadam, dialogue leader, Luton and Birmingham.
Surinder Sandhu, Sikh teacher
Gwyneth Little,  Interfaith Resource person.
Bonnie Evans- Hills, St Albans Diocese, and international resource person.
Sureshkumar- Leicester Diocese and Tiruchi Diocese.
Sharon Kumar, Former leader of youth hub, Leicester Diocese
Ataullah Siddiqui, Markfield Islamic Institute, Leicestershire.  From North


Thursday, July 26th

8. 00am Eucharist
8. 30 am Breakfast
9. 30 am Shantivanam and Father Bede Griffiths - Bonnie
                         Evans-Hill  and Andrew Wingate                                                                               
10.30am Coffee
11.00am Engaging with Metropolitan India - Shoba Gosa 
                                                        & Jawahar Babu Ravuri
1. 00 pm Lunch
3 pm-  The two greatest Indian Christians?  Sadhu Sunder
Singh, and Pandita Ramabai-  Smitha Prasadam 
4. 00 pm Global Centre for Reconciliation - Subash Chellaiah
6. 30 pm Supper
7. 30 pm          Long term links between India & the UK -
Sureshkumar, Sharon Sureshkumar & Andrew Wingate-
Leicester Diocese and Tiruchi Diocese, Tamilnadu.
9. 00 pm Reflection and Prayer

Friday, July 27th 

8. 30 am Breakfast
9. 30 am Plenary Sharing- chaired by Israel and Andrew
10.30am Coffee
11.00am Eucharist
1. 00 pm          Lunch
2. 00 pm Departures

For further details contact Christians Aware
2 Saxby Street, Leicester LE2 0ND
Tel: 0116 254 0770

Monday, July 23rd

5:30pm        Arrivals and welcome 
6.30 pm Supper
8.00pm Introduction to Indian Christianity - Israel Selvanayagam and Andrew Wingate
9.00pm Compline

Tuesday, July 24th 

8. 00 am Eucharist
8. 30 am Breakfast
9. 30 am Contemporary Engagement with India in the UK -
                                        Jessie Anand &Anand Azir  
10.30am Coffee
11.00am Introducing Sikhism Surinder Sandhu
Partition - Michael Roden
1. 00 pm          Lunch
4. 00 pm Introduction to ‘Meeting Hindus’- Gwyneth Little
Introducing Hinduism - Eric Lott
5. 00 pm Indian Christian music and  Dance -  Israel Selvanayagam and Arul Israel
6. 30pm Supper
7. 30 pm CA visit to India - Sylvia Taylor
9. 00 pm Reflection and Prayer

Wednesday, July 25th  

8. 30 am Breakfast
9. 30 am Bible study groups -  Israel Selvanayagam
10.30 am Coffee
10. 45 am Experiences of Hindu-Christian encounter, India and UK- Shobha Gosa and Jawahar Babu Ravuri, Jemima and Smitha Prasadam, Israel and Andrew
1. 00 pm Lunch
Visit to Iskon Temple in Leicester, Leicester Cathedral, and East Park Road Gurdwara- led by Gwyneth Little, Surinder and Andrew.
6. 30 pm Supper
7. 30 pm Muslims in India, and their engagement with Christians - Ataullah Siddiqui
9. 00 pm         Reflection and Prayer

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