Action Card - April 2018

Food Justice?

The population of the world is growing rapidly and it is estimated that over a billion people are hungry in our 21st Century world. As many as 70% of them are smallholder farmers or landless labourers. Pope Francis has appealed for the elimination of hunger and malnutrition, and for the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals, ‘To end hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.’

Jonathon Foley,1 in the National Geographic Magazine, suggests five steps towards increasing food production and cutting environmental harm caused by agriculture:

  Take no more land for food and so freeze agriculture’s footprint.
  Grow more on existing farms organically.
  Efficient targeting of water and necessary    fertiliser.
  Eat less meat and use more efficient ways to rear the meat we do eat. Restriction of food crops for bio-fuel.
  Reduce wastage of food. Improve storage and transport for produce.
One of the steps should be very easy, and that is the last one, for everyone should be able to cut waste and thus improve health.  The developed world has a problem of obesity, whilst the developing world has a problem of hunger.  In both cases people may be undernourished.

We can all work for food justice.  Food and nutrition security are vital for the future of the world.  We can all make some contribution towards a healthy and sustainable future for every person in every country.

Some Actions

Work for food justice by tackling waste at home and wherever you see it.

Look up the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals on the internet.   Print them off and promote them in your church or community.

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