Action Card. April 2021
        Covid 19 around the world - and the need to vaccinate every adult everywhere
March 11th marked one year since the World Health Organisation declared the coronavirus outbreak
as a global pandemic.  One year later the outbreak and resulting deaths continue.  Johns Hopkins
University in Baltimore has been tracking the outbreak since its beginning and so far more than two
and three quarter million people have died globally. 
The pandemic has affected different countries in different ways.  America has recorded the highest
number of cases and deaths. Brazil has the second highest number.  The UK has experienced the
highest number of cases in Europe so far.
The pandemic is now spreading in Latin America, South Asia and Africa, all areas of the world
where the poorest people live.
As countries able to do so vaccinate their populations the question of sharing the vaccines arises. 
Sharing could be by donating vaccines or by increasing aid, so that developing countries can buy
their own vaccines.  It is sad that at such a time as this the British government is proposing a
reduction in aid to the poorest countries, from 0.7% to 0.5%.  This is something we may all complain
about and seek to reverse.
Pope Frances, in his book, ‘Let us Dream,’ has said that those who risked their lives to bring care to
people suffering from the virus are an example for us all as individuals, groups, churches and
governments.  He has set up a commission on the ‘Post Covid future,’ which he trusts will be new,
outward looking and caring.    
He writes of his hope that
‘When the storm has passed
..we’ll envy no-one
for all of us have suffered
and we’ll not be idle
But more compassionate.’ ‘

Possible Actions:
Read ‘Let us Dream,’ by Pope Frances.  It is published by Simon & Schuster, 2020.
Write to your MP and ask him or her to challenge the government to continue to give 0.7% of gross
national income in overseas aid.