Whether we be many or few
The Story of the Cambridge Delhi Brotherhood
by Constance M Millington
"When Bishop Samuel Azariah made his famous speech at the Edinburgh Missionary Conference in
1910 there was a resounding climax: 'Give us friends!' I can think of no 'missionary' group that has
responded to that plea more creatively and consistently for over a hundred years than the
Cambridge/Delhi Brotherhood. It is right for the story to be told by someone who has herself been a
friend of India for over forty years... the author of this book has resisted lyrical exaggeration. It is
thoroughly well researched...." Rt Rev Lord Runcie, sometime Archbishop of Canterbury.

Embraced by god
By Jeffrey Abayasekera
"A rare jewel from beautiful precious gemland Sri Lanka. This theological, socio-historical text brings
us far beyond what normally autobiographies are able to do. Being a white woman far away in the
Netherlands, Jeffrey and Annathaie nurtured me for years by their spontaneous friendship and
challenging lives of companionship. Here in this work - which no doubt comes out of their graceful
universal love for each other and many persons more - Jeffrey shows paths of prophetic and engaged
life that shatter our mostly abstract ways of doing theology and inter-religious dialogue in the West. A
special time in the history of Sri Lanka is documented and brought alive far beyond the personal
situation. May many people by this insightful and also poetic book, witnessing the struggle for life, not
only find their way to this beautiful and broken island, a micro cosmos of the present world, but also to
a special spirituality of resistance and commitment" Dr Lieve Troch, Prof .San Paolo & Nijmegen.
Out of the depths…….
Struggle and hope in Sri Lanka

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