There are more slaves now than at any point in human history. Over 27 million is the current estimate of
slaves worldwide.  Those who perpetrate the crime target the most vulnerable in society and seek to use
them as commodities from which to make profit.
There are an estimated 13,000 victims in the UK.
Human Trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world as it is low-risk and lucrative.
42% of all trafficking victims in the UK are victims of sexual exploitation.
24% of reported victims of domestic servitude in the UK are children performing domestic chores and childcare
36% of reported victims of modern slavery are subject to forced labour.  Victims are forced to work long hours for
little or no pay in poor conditions under verbal or physical threats of violence to them or their families. Victims are
often housed together in one dwelling. See construction trades, manufacturing, laying driveways, hospitality, food
packaging, agriculture, maritime and beauty (nail bars).
Criminal Exploitation Victims are forced to commit crimes such as pick-pocketing, shop-lifting, cannabis cultivation,
drug trafficking. They can be forced into fraud by being made to claim benefits which the trafficker withholds, or
take out loans or credit cards.
Signs of victims of human trafficking and modern slavery
Workers wearing inappropriate clothing for their job, poor personal hygiene, fearful of engaging with the public,
children working on the premises.
Signs at local properties
Windows with bars, permanently covered on the inside, with reflective film or coatings applied to them; an entrance
with CCTV cameras installed; a letterbox sealed to prevent use; any sign that electricity may have been tacked on
from neighbouring properties or directly from power lines; a large number of people living in the property who are
collected early in the morning and returned late at night. Do they ever leave the house for anything else?
Inform yourself:
Report concerns:
Call 0800 0121 700
It is extremely important to remember that trafficking gangs are highly dangerous criminals. It is vital that
members of the public do NOT attempt to act on suspicions themselves. If you havenít got the helpline number
to hand, call 101 or tweet your local police.

Pray for
the victims of human trafficking ,
those rescued from slavery, that they may heal,
retail managers, that they may rid their supply chain of enforced labour,
men and women who care for those who have been rescued ,
the church to lead the fight against modern slavery,
that we understand our complicity in buying goods produced by this evil trade,
that together we  combat modern slavery.

Material provided by National Justice & Peace Network

Action Card - August 2017   Modern Day Slavery