Visit to Bahrain
      Led by Susan Cooper

Tuesday 13 November - Tuesday 20 November 2018

An opportunity to visit a country in the Gulf with an
interesting history and multi-faith and multi-cultural
communities.  There are archaeological sites, old
forts, burial sites, museums etc.  There was a
Christian community here in pre- Islamic times, but
the present Christian community dates from the
We will be the guests of the Very Reverend
Christopher Butt, Dean of St Christopher's Cathedral,
Bahrain and members of the Cathedral congregation
who will be providing the accommodation in their

Provisional timetable:

Tuesday 13:
Arrive in Bahrain to meet hosts and share supper.

Wednesday 14
Orientation and sightseeing:  Talk on history of
Christianity in Bahrain by Chris Butt followed by
sightseeing, which may include the Bahrain Fort and
the Fort Museum, the Grand Mosque, Hindu Temple,
a National Museum, the Barbar Temple, Camel farm,
The pottery, Sheikh Isa's house, a visit to the Suq.

Thursday 15
Meeting people, working or ministering in Bahrain,
such as Royal Navy Chaplain, US Fifth Fleet, a
member of the British Embassy or International 
Peace Institute - may have a political or an interfaith

Friday 16
Worship in the cathedral, English service in
Cathedral and possibly Tamil service in the evening.

Membership of CA is required for all participants in
international travel.

Your initial payment includes - 95 administration fee, non
returnable, and - 75 deposit refundable up to three months
before departure.
The balance should be paid ten weeks before departure.
Where a booking is agreed by Christians Aware less than ten
weeks before departure, full payment is required.
Payment does not include travel to and from the airport.
Christians Aware office will advise further on visa
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Individual participants are responsible for making their own
Travel Insurance,
Photocopy of worldwide comprehensive insurance to be sent
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Any claims (e.g. illness) to be made by participants, not
Christians Aware.

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Christians Aware is an international and ecumenical movement.
Its main aim is to develop multi-cultural understanding and
friendship, locally, nationally and internationally, in a spirit of

Our international visits are pilgrimages rather than holidays. We
challenge those who join the visits to be flexible and open to different
ways of living and doing things, and to be patient and sensitive, happy
to listen and learn as well as to give.

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Christians Aware
2 Saxby Street, Leicester LE2 0ND
Telephone:   0116 254 0770

Saturday 18:
Day with hosts.

Sunday 18:  
Worship and Living Room Dialogue (in the

Monday 19
Possibly attend Women's Group, more
sightseeing, a visit to a craft centre, take
hosts out for a meal in the evening.

Tuesday 20:
Activity will depend on time of return flight to

Timetable may be adjusted to allow for local conditions or
specific interests of those visiting.

Internal costs approximately 250
Airfare (currently around 450 for a direct flight) 
Christians Aware admin fee of 95.