Action Card - February 2017
Material provided by Steve Hucklesby, Policy Adviser, Methodist Church
Personal and political action on climate change
Church members and their national church organisations are seeking to protect God’s creation for
future generations through both personal and political action.  Two programmes, EcoChurch in
England and Wales and the Big Church Switch have been established to provide help. One year ago
EcoChurch in England and Wales was launched in St Paul’s Cathedral. Since then over 500
churches have registered on the EcoChurch website and many have completed the online survey
to get an EcoChurch award
Lyme Regis Baptist Church gained a Bronze Eco Church Award in February 2016. They have
switched to a renewable energy company to supply the electricity and gas used by the church.
They also found that smaller things - like using eco-friendly cleaning products - helped the church
family to reflect on the importance of looking after the environment as an expression of their faith.
The Big Church Switch <>
enables churches to switch to a green electricity tariff.  By combining purchasing power the Big
Church Switch provides churches with an attractive rate and to date 700 churches have registered

The oldest Methodist building in the world, The New Room in Bristol, has made changes.  David
Worthington, Manager of The New Room said: “We may be the oldest Methodist building in the
world but that doesn’t mean we have to use the polluting energy of the past.”
Ben Niblett of Tearfund explained “Switching is a great way for Christians to love our neighbours
and show the government we want more action on climate change”
The UK Government acknowledges that there are currently insufficient policies in place to enable
the UK to meet its existing carbon budgets and plans to make a major announcement on how we
are to go about meeting our national carbon targets over the next 15 years.  This will be outlined in
the release of an emission reduction plan, expected in February or soon after.  The Scottish
Government has just released a plan to cut emissions by 66% by 2032.  
· Join up with another member of your church to try out the online EcoChurch survey and see how you score!
· Bring the Big Church Switch to the attention of your minister/Church treasurer or other
appropriate church members
<>.  Consider switching your own domestic electricity supply
obtaining quotes through the
<> website.
Write to your MP to let them know of the actions that you or your church have taken and ask
them to tell you how the forthcoming Government emissions reduction plan will achieve an urgent
transition away from fossil fuels.  For email/address details of your MP go to <>