Action Card - January 2021
The Epiphany Season
Three Wise Women
There are five murals in St. James Cathedral
in Muranga, Kenya.  They were painted by
Elimo Njau in 1959, a time of violence and
uncertainty as the country fought for its
The murals tell the story of the life and death
of Jesus from an African perspective. The
first one tells the story of Jesus’ birth, at the
time of the troubles, when people were
confined to their villages by the British
authorities. To make the journey from one
village to another was very dangerous.
The mural shows Jesus with Mary and Joseph in the hut at the top of the hill, surrounded by
the countryside so beloved by the Kikuyu people. In the right hand bottom corner of the
mural there are three women who are making the dangerous journey to take their gifts to
the Christ child. We understand that women were chosen because in traditional African
culture a man would not go to see a new baby.
There are many dangerous places in our world today, places where people are hungry,
isolated, imprisoned and even dying.  We think of these places in this Epiphany season. 
We give thanks that God is with his suffering people.  We give thanks for the brave people
who put themselves in danger to be alongside those who are isolated and vulnerable. We
pray for relief and for hope and we pray that we may have a share in bringing peace with

Actions may include:
Our prayers for suffering people and places in our world.
Our support in whatever ways are possible.
See the Christians Aware leaflet ‘Beyond the Star’ for prayers and resources.
It is available from the office - at 2, Saxby Street, Leicester. LE2 OND.
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