Action Card - July 2018
Material provided by Steve Hucklesby, Policy Adviser, Methodist Church
Photos credited to All We Can
Syria and refugees
Fighting in Syria continues.  Danger and uncertainty persist due to shifting alliances and military conquests. 
For many refugees in neighbouring countries and displaced in Syria it means that life is on hold.  The reality
is that the longer refugees are forced to live in exile, the more difficult it will be for families to return home. 
The Methodist agency ĎAll We Caní is working with Syrian refugees in Jordan.  The following is an account of
a young girl, Shahed.
ďMy name is Shahed, I am from Daraa in Syria and I now live in Jordan. Iím eleven years old.I
remember Syria. I remember the planes when me and my cousins would be playing outside and we
would often hear the planes and we got very scared, we didnít know what was happening. And
even now, even when I am in Jordan, I still hear the planes and I still remember and I still feel fear
from the sound. I think one day I must go
back to Syria and when I get there, I will kiss its ground. I mean I miss it......
Shahed has been on a special programme for young people funded by All We Can. She and her peers have
been learning ways to cope with strong emotions, with their fears and anxieties. There has also been a
programme of work to establish good relationships between Syrian and Jordanian families. Shahedís
grandmother attended classes to learn new techniques for helping her grandchildren.
ďThe activities have helped me because I have changed. I now do not fear things as much.  I have
become better at cooperating and we learnt how to be confident, how to socialise, how to introduce
ourselves. My grandmother also has learnt how to be better with us children. She is more patient
now. She knows not to shout. She says now I do not have bad dreams and sleep better in the nightĒ.
The President Designate of the Methodist Church, Revd. Michaela Youngson and the Vice President
Designate, Bala Gnanapragasam have recently returned from a visit to Jordan with All We Can.  You will be
able to read their account or that of Claire Welch, All We Can staff member, here: -
The UK Government's Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme has so far offered sanctuary to more
than 10,000 of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees. Churches and church members have been among
those providing practical support, housing and extending the hand of friendship. 
At the moment this scheme is due to end in 2020.  Itís vital that this continues building on the work that has
already been done.

Ask your MP to ensure that this programme is continued.
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