Action Card - June 2018

Provided by Rachel McCarthy/CAFOD

Pope Francis and Refugees: Share the Journey campaign

Pope Francis is challenging world leaders to do more for the protection of refugees and migrants. He has launched the global Share the Journey campaign. CAFOD and  her Caritas sister agencies are joining this campaigning.

What are the UN compacts on refugees and migration and what difference will they make?
In 2018, world leaders will agree two new global ‘compacts’ (or agreements) at the United Nations: one on refugees in September and one on migration in December. These will set the direction on how countries will respond to migrants and refugees for years to come.
Pope Francis has spoken of this as a "unique opportunity" to put pressure on governments who are not yet stepping up to the challenge of unprecedented global migration. It is our chance to make sure the human dignity of migrants and refugees is at the heart of these agreements.
What is the Share the Journey campaign on refugees and migration calling for?

Respect for human dignity, giving rights to citizenship and work

Protection for the vulnerable, especially children, older and disabled people

Support for host countries, especially in the developing world, who welcome a large number of refugees

Keeping families together and enabling divided families to reunite in safety

Tackling the reasons why people migrate, such as conflict and climate change.

What is the refugee crisis?
There are more people on the move than ever before. Half of the world’s refugees are children taking flight without the protection of parents or other family members.
From UN reports we learn that more than 170,000 refugees and migrants reached Europe by sea in 2017 although more than 3081 people lost their lives.
Share the Journey

Sign our petition asking the Prime Minister to ensure that the UK takes a lead during UN refugee negotiations.

Organise a Refugee Walk: Walk the World with refugees: Download an Organiser’ Guide's%20guide.pdf

Share the Journey prayer

God our refuge, you share the journey with migrants and refugees, lightening their footsteps with hope.

For you, Lord, are close to the broken-hearted.

Pour out your Spirit upon world leaders. May they see the tragedies of our human family, and be moved to respond with wisdom, compassion and courage.

Open our eyes and hearts to the God-given dignity of all your people. Move us to welcome our neighbours, and so bear witness to your love.

Through Christ our Lord, Amen.