United Nations Sustainable Goals
Material provided by Christians Aware
The Sustainable Goals are a collection of seventeen goals set by the United Nations General
Assembly in 2015, following the end date for the Millennium Development Goals.  The sustainable
goals will build on the work done through the MDGs.  The aim of the goals is ‘transforming our
world’ by 2030 towards dignity, peace and prosperity for all the people of the earth.  Every country
is challenged to share in the task of transformation towards sustainability in every aspect of life. 
The challenge is also to individuals to do what they can.
If the goals are successful every person in the world will have fullness of life. Today’s inequalities
will be part of a long and shameful history.
It is very easy to make a list of the goals, and then to tackle them one by one, but this is not very
helpful.  The goals are all locked into each other and one goal can’t succeed unless all succeed. 
I want to suggest that food is key to tackling many of the goals.  We all eat food every day, if we are
fortunate.  For many of us in the developed world food is at the centre of our lives: it is creative,
artistic, comforting, energising and social.  We look forward to eating and especially in the
company of other people.
However, it is estimated that more than a billion people are hungry in our Twenty First Century
World.   They have very little food to eat and are not only hungry but also unhealthy.
Several of the sustainable goals link to hunger and we need to tackle them all, not simply the
ending of hunger, but most obviously, the eradication of poverty; the establishment of good health,
clean water and sanitation; education; clean energy; decent work; responsible production and
consumption.   And we can’t forget equality, including gender equality; sustainable cities and
industry; life on water and land; peace and justice and worldwide partnerships for the goals.  Above
all, we can’t forget the threat of climate change.

Some Actions:
Find out more about the sustainable goals. <>
Decide what you can do to make the sustainable goals possible, as an individual, as a member of a church community and as a citizen. 
Act on your decisions.
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