Action Card - October 2018
Provided by Steve Hucklesby, Policy adviser, Methodist Church

Church Action for Tax Justice (CAT)

Archbishop Justin Welby created a media storm following his speech to the TUC
Congress <
writing/speeches/archbishop-canterburys-speech-tuc> on 12 September.  He
appealed for social justice in our economic system and spoke out against the ‘gig’
economy and against Amazon’s non-payment of tax in the UK.  “When justice rolls
down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream, the food banks
close, the night shelters are empty, families and households are hopeful of better
lives for themselves and their children, money is not a tyrant, and justice is seen.” 
He was criticised by a few who questioned the role of the Church in commenting on
economic issues. 

David Haslam of the Church Action for Tax Justice (CAT) <>
joined the debate with a letter to the Guardian <
pointing out that taxation and benefit policies often affect the poor and most
vulnerable and that justice is the bedrock of Christian faith.
Tax dodging costs developing countries more than they receive in aid.  In Christian
Aid’s excellent “”short video Where has all the money gone?
<> we hear significant voices
from the global south.

From Rev Suzanne Matale of the Council of Churches, Zambia
“Tax dodging in Zambia a serious problem.  We who work on this issue link it to our
poverty levels in this nation. We know that Zambia is not a poor country.  We know
that we have very rich minerals in the ground.  We know that the investors that
come to invest in our country are not paying the full value of tax that should go to

Alvin Mosioma, Tax Justice Network - Africa
“Africa is financing the world.  There is much much more money flowing out of
Africa to the north through existing global architecture which enables the rich, both
the elites in Africa as well as the global multinational companies, to move resources
from the south to the north.”

Savior Mwambwa - Centre for Trade Policy and Development, Zambia
“It’s commonly known that countries that raise most of their money from tax  build
their own local systems of democracy, their citizens have a bigger say.” 
Church Action for Tax Justice was launched in the House of Lords on 17 April with
the help of Rev Dr Rowan Williams and Methodist Church President Revd
Michaela Youngson. 

You can take action

Use Church Action for Tax Justice prayer and worship materials
1488447688> in your church.

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