Action Card - April 2019

Ask your Mayor or your Council Leader to join Mayors for Peace
Material provided by the Methodist Church

The international Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) received the Nobel Peace Prize in
2017 in recognition of the achievement of the new Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
(TPNW) also referred to as the Nuclear Ban Treaty.  As soon as 50 nations ratify this treaty it will
enter into force as an important piece of international law.
ICAN works in partnership with Mayors for Peace <>, a global
network of more than 5,000 local governments in 150 countries led by the mayors of Hiroshima and
Nagasaki. Because nuclear weapons threaten whole populations, and have in the past been targeted
on cities, it makes sense for local authority officials to stand against their use and threat of use. 81
towns and cities in the UK are members of Mayors for Peace.
Local Authority officials may also be concerned to learn that the UK’s nuclear weapons are regularly
transported through our communities.  They travel by road from Burghfield, Berkshire to Coulport on
the Clyde in a huge convoy that often uses ‘A roads’.  Check out the map of convoy routes
<> to see if they pass by your town.
There is much sensitivity around these nuclear weapons convoys as the UK warheads have many
times the explosive yield of the bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On 19th March a
vehicle in the convoy broke down <
close-off-slip-road-onto-a34-at-didcot/> and as a result a slip road to the A34 at Didcot was
cordoned off to all traffic.  Although these convoys are possibly the most dangerous cargoes on our
roads, there is usually minimal or no liaison with Local Authorities that are responsible for assessing
public safety risks and contingency planning.
Ask your local Councillors or Mayor to sign the ICAN Cities Appeal
Mayors for Peace in the UK suggest that Councillors and others can get involved in
promoting examples of peace education in their localities. Council representatives are
encouraged to link with organisations like the Foundation for Peace and Peace Jam to
encourage the next generation of young people to campaign for a more peaceful way

You can see the list of 81 UK towns and cities that are members of Mayors for Peace by
clicking on the “”UK link here <>. Is your local
authority a member?