Action Card - March 2021 - Climate Crisis
                                                                                   Fragile Earth by Anne Gregson

The world is facing a catastrophe that threatens all human life on the planet. A statement almost unimaginable - but almost certainly true and it’s our children and grandchildren who’ll bear the full impact of the disaster. And by then there won’t be any escape. Time’s running out fast if we’re going to avert that catastrophe. We’ve got just two or three years, maybe a decade if we’re lucky, to take radical action.

The Paris Agreement five years ago was an attempt to halt the crisis. Targets were set but have been largely ignored by national governments. The UN climate change conference, COP26, due to take place in November this year, might bring some hope, but we must find a way to make sure national governments take decisive action.

The answer to how we do this might come from David Attenborough.  He recently said: “When we (the people) work together there’s no limit to what we can achieve.”  But who are the people? Who is motivated enough to help? And are there enough people to make a difference?

Eighty percent of the word’s population self identify as being people of faith and of them, two billion are Christians who believe Jesus wants us to love our neighbour. The human race is our neighbour. Acting alongside others of goodwill we could make a huge impact on the power centres of the planet.

Jesus was very much a DOING person. One of the first things he told his disciples was “Follow me”. Get up and walk. Leave behind even the things you most love and treasure. Be free of them. Maybe he’s saying that to us: 

Can the Church then stir its two billion members to political action to avert climate disaster?

Could the Church be a catalyst to action in partnership with the world’s other faiths and other people of goodwill. Working together, as David Attenborough says, in this desperate and noble cause.

Because the alternative is simply too dreadful to contemplate.

Some Actions

Read ‘Climate Crisis. The Challenge to the Church,’ by David Rhodes, published by Kevin Mayhew, 2020.

Make a list of what you can do and act on it.  Eg. Use less energy, plant trees, reduce, re-use, recycle.

Challenge your church to make changes towards energy saving. Eg. solar panels on the church roof, wild flowers in the churchyard.

Join campaigns to hold the government to its responsibilities to take a lead for change during the COP 26 conference in Glasgow in November this year.