Action Card - October 2017
Material provided by Steve Hucklesby, Methodist Church

UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia

A prayer for Yemen
Dear Lord, author of our peace
We bring before you the violence and suffering inflicted on the people
of Yemen.
May governments find ways to place negotiation over confrontation,
Peacebuilding over military action,
Common purpose over sectarianism.
Thank you for the many that are bravely working to provide medicine
And food in that desperate situation.
We ask for inspired leadership to help mediate in this conflict.
Guide our own government officials as they work alongside other
Governments in the region,
That they may ensure that the protection of civilians in conflict is
Placed above all other considerations.
We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, who knows our suffering, who stood against injustice,
And through whom we can hope to be transformed.

The conflict in Yemen has killed over 10,000 civilians to date. It has caused nearly three million people to flee their homes and
the country is now in the grip of a cholera epidemic. Human right groups have submitted evidence of atrocities against civilians
and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has referenced allegations of violations of International Humanitarian Law by
all parties. Over the last two years there have been strikes on civilian targets by the Saudi Arabian air force and their coalition
partners. This includes the bombing of a funeral event in Yemen that killed 140 civilians and injured an estimated 600 people.
Saudi Arabia has acknowledged responsibility for this atrocity.

In December 2016 the United States cut some arms sales to Saudi Arabia citing concerns over civilian casualties. Despite the
continued suffering and grave questions around civilian casualties, the UK Government continues to sell arms to Saudi Arabia.

At a judicial review in the High court in London, numerous accounts were presented of the bombing of civilians that the
claimants said amounted to gross violations of International Humanitarian Law. The Judicial Review on Arms Sales to Saudi
Arabia was turned down by the High Court in July 2017. Even so we pray for those trapped in conflict and demand that the UK
Government stops selling arms to Saudi Arabia due to the clear risk that they will bve used contrary to international law.

Pray for Yemen and the suffering occurring there.

Write to cabinet ministers to express your concern for what is happening  in Yemen. A suggested text of a letter is available
Greg Clark MP is secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.
Boris Johnson is Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

An apology is extended to Rev.Ed Standhaft, who provided the material for the September Action Card, for the incorrect spelling of his name.