Broken or Whole?
In our world men and women are like the two wings of a bird, if one is unable to function properly the bird is unable to fly and may even perish

Friday, January 12th

5.00 pm Arrivals
7.00 pm Supper
8.15 pm Just Empowerment for Women and Men. - Bishop Alistair Redfern

9.40 pm Night Prayer - Bob Taylor 

Saturday, January 13th

8.00 am Reflection - John Bennett
8.30 am Breakfast
9.30 am Bible study - David Rhodes
10.30 am Annual General Meeting
11.00 am         Coffee

11. 30 am       Gender Issues and Human Rights in Africa -
Sarah Kitakule

12.50 pm      Video on the work of Padare       

1. 15 pm           Lunch
3. 00 pm           Garth Hewitt. Launch of his new book, ‘Against the Grain’,    
                         Market Place
4. 30 pm Tea
5. 00 pm Seminar Groups

6.30 pm Supper

7. 45 pm An anthology of song, poetry and story
with Geoff Weaver
Sunday, January 14th

     8.30 am Breakfast
9.30 am Closing Eucharist - The Word  
Address - Terrie Robinson
           11.00 am Coffee
11.30 am Closing Eucharist - The Liturgy
President - Ian McIntosh 

1.00 pm Lunch & Departures.

     Matthew and Eleanor King will lead a children’s workshop
and Creche, including activities for children

Seminar Groups include:
Geoff Weaver -        A musical seminar

Michael & Maureen Hawksworth - ‘Social Injustice in Nepal’

Jenny Brown & Terrie Robinson -  Gender Justice:  the ‘Side
                by Side’ Movement and how faith leaders can be part of the
                solution rather than part of the problem.                                      

Iman Pertek -  Gender Justice Policy, Islamic Relief

Linda Ramsden - Justice for Palestinian Women.

Ellen Teague - Women and Water Justice