March 2020
Action Cards

This opportunity is online; if you apply to the office you will receive a briefing for each month and also the picture appropriate to the briefing. The picture can be kept for your study and prayer or you can send it to the address given each month.

YOU can take action on issues like
….fair trade ….poverty…. the environment…. refugees…. child labour…. debt…. and development
Each month send a message of support, protest, congratulations or challenge
                      to a recipient recommended in the briefing.
Images and briefings are available on our website <>
We can send copies each month by email to your address
or for £7 postal charge by ordinary mail

Action cards are produced under the auspices of Christians Aware, Progressio,
the Methodist Church and the National Justice and Peace Network

Christians Aware, 53B, Jarrom Street, Leicester LE2 7DH
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