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Oct action card
The CA weekend at Ammerdown in
Somerset which took place in
September this year, following the
summer school at Parcevall Hall,
underlined the precarious situation for
biodiversity and therefore for the future of
all life on earth. Participants at
Ammerdown were made well aware of
the dangerous situation the earth faces. 
There were many challenges and these
were thankfully followed up by hope for
the future of life.

Nov action card
We listened to Maddy Harland, the founder of the permaculture magazine.  Permaculture involves
farming and gardening by learning from nature and thus creating sustainable farms and gardens. 
We were given an example of sustainability at summer school, when Jane Skinner introduced the
island of Lundy, which is a wonderful place to study flowers, birds and animals, including deer,
sheep, goats and highland cattle.
We saw sustainable farming in practice when we travelled to Eastbrook farm from Ammerdown. 
Eastbrook Farm is run by Helen Browning, the head of the Soil Association.  At summer school
we had visited a moorland sheep and cattle farm and heard a talk on managing vast acres of
moorlands. At Eastbrook farm we were shown round by Ben Raskin, an authority on agro-forestry
and we saw agro-forestry for ourselves. We began to understand the beauty and value of growing
crops and rearing animals beneath the trees.  If more of us practised agro-forestry biodiversity
would increase naturally and the future of the earth would be less uncertain.
One of our speakers at summer school was Ellen Teague, who works with the Columbans.  Ellen
introduced the United Nations Biodiversity COP which took place in Montreal in December 2022. 
She gave an overview of campaigns to increase biodiversity from across the world.
At the summer school and at Ammerdown we were reminded that we all have a responsibility and
have made a commitment to grow and protect the earth’s biodiversity.   We can all do this. We
can change.  Further, we can take others along with us. 
The 2024 Annual Conference will take place from January 26 - 28 at Hinsley Hall in
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