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Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

As we enter December we look forward to our annual conference, to be held in the
Hayes, Swanwick in Derbyshire from January 14 - 16 in 2022. It will be wonderful
to meet together at the conference after so long.  We have done everything
possible to make the conference centre a safe place.  All our rooms will be ‘en-
suite’ this time and masks will be provided.   We have arranged for excellent
speakers and seminar leaders to join us in facing the challenge of ‘Transcending
Divisions in a world of diversity.’
Diversity can be a great gift of course. The late Lord Sachs wrote about ‘the gift of
difference.  In our conference we hope to affirm the rich diversity of our world and
its people and to look at ways forward for enhancing this richness. But we must
also seek to tackle disagreements and blockages which lead to lack of trust and
to suffering and even death. 
As we begin to look beyond COP26 the great need to transcend divisions in our
world is very clear.  Unless we pull together as the ‘people of the planet’, sharing
gifts and meeting needs, the planet itself will be threatened. Our common home
will become unliveable in for us all.
Our speakers at the conference are well equipped to help us in moving forward.
Anthony Reddie is a leading scholar in black theology. Hi s home base is
Birmingham University and he travels and speaks all over the country.  He will be
looking at cultural divisions in our society.
John Perumbalathis our chairman.  He is Bishop of Bradwell and a theologian
who came to us originally from South India.  He will examine religious divisions.
Ann Pettifor is an economist who is Director of policy research in
Macroeconomics. She is well known for her work towards Jubilee 2000.
Andrew Wingate will lead a seminar on interfaith issues. John Sandeford - Smith
will explore issues of health in our world today and Ellen Teague will explore the
climate crisis.  Ellen is present at the COP 26 in Glasgow.  Sophia Jones will
look at our multi-cultural world and Jenny Brown of Christian Aid will look at how
we may work together on directly political issues.
Do join us.

There are also buttons linking to the two newest book we have published; 
Timothy Biles's "It's the Journey" reflecting his experiences of life in lands
dominated by the Moslems of Pakistan, the Hindus of India, the Buddhists
of Sri Lanka and the Jews of Israel-Palestine;   Brian Macdonald-Milne's
"Seeing Peace in the Pacific", the story of conflict and Christianity in the
Central Solomon Islands.

The flyer for this year's Christmas cards is available via the button below the picture.
Also flyers for recently published books from Christians Aware  "Just
Food:   Food and Farming for a Sustainable Future", and "Rosa" by Susi
Bechhofer,  can be viewed via the button below.
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