About Christians Aware

Christians Aware is an international and interdenominational educational charity working to develop multicultural and interfaith understanding and friendship locally, nationally and internationally.  Its aim is to work for justice, peace and development.  The focus is on listening to encourage awareness and action.

It does this with a programme of special interest groups, conferences, international exchanges, work-camps, books and the magazine.  ‘Travel with Awareness’ is a book of guidance for the international visits which are often to places where there are or have been situations of conflict, such as Palestine, Israel and Rwanda.  Groups also visit places where there are acute development needs, including primary health care, education and water harvesting.

The words of Ronald Wynne are important:

‘Do not try to teach anyone anything until you have learnt something from them.’

They lead to our motto

Peace is born of Love
Love is born of understanding
Understanding is born of Listening
Listening leads to Justice and Peace

Christians Aware
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Email: barbara@christiansaware.org.uk
Website: www.christiansaware.co.uk