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A fable for our time
A new departure from a much valued writer. In this book WANDA NASH draws imaginatively on her
experience of Africa to challenge us to a fresh level of understanding…" writes Archbishop Rowan
Williams in his foreword.
Wanda has a wonderful way with words and perhaps the clarity of her style comes from her
perceptiveness and compassion of her insight; she certainly helps the reader to better understand
how Rwandans have found it possible to forgive their enemies.
She captures the flavour of ‘the olden days’ by beginning with pictures from ‘Once upon a time’.
However she also prefaces one chapter with a warning that if we, the reader, need to protect our
own sensibilities, and are not prepared to be shocked to the core of our souls, we should not read
it: but READ IT WE MUST…writes Canon Philip Leonard-Johnson.
Towards the end she challenges us to think deeply about our approach to justice, with a lightness
of touch, she holds out a different vision, not only of justice, but of hope and possibility in our
drifting world.
The Church and Social Responsibility in Africa
God is the source of good change". He is involved in the social, economic, and
political problems of all people, no matter what their religion, their ethnicity or
tribe. With this in mind, Rev Abulemoi wants to justify Christian attitudes
towards Reconciliation and Peace, Tribalism and Politics, Justice and Equality,
Militarism and Militarization, Economic and Global Inequality, and Democracy in
It is an important book, which should be read by all concerned with social,
economic and political problems in Africa. By Rev Joseph Oriho Abulemoi.

" Voices of Ethiopia
Reflections from a group with ages ranging from 23 to 70+ visiting Ethiopia
in December 2005 to January 2006.
Edited by Jeanne Coker
A5 booklet
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