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Romney Gill- missionary, genius & craftsman
This book is the result of painstaking research by Chris Garland. He gives an account of a remarkable
Anglican Missionary; a pioneer in Papua New Guinea during the first half of the twentieth century.
Romney came from a talented and artistic family; a devout Anglo Catholic priest of the old school who
sought devotedly to relate Christianity to the indigenous culture. In pioneering industrial training for the
converts he led them to self-reliance, involving them in church government as well other initiatives. His
commitment and heroism, especially during the Japanese occupation of the islands, greatly endeared him to
his people.
INCLUDES an extensive bibliography and is well illustrated with many photographs.
“ THIS A GOOD READ and an important chronicle in the annals of an Anglican Diocese…" Canon Henry Evans
“There is an enigma about Romney, yet a strange fascination and vision, which readers of these pages will
sense…" Bishop David Hand (former Archbishop of Papua New Guinea).
The true way of service
“Fr. Brian Macdonald-Milne has some rare insights into the life and witness of the brotherhood. His
research has been exhaustive. We are indeed fortunate that he produced this valuable record of a
precious jewel...” The Most Reverend Sir Ellison L. Pogo, Archbishop of Melanesia
This history of the Melanesian Brotherhood has been commissioned by the Brotherhood and
celebrates its 75th anniversary. Its evangelistic and pastoral work has extended from the
Solomon Islands in the western pacific to six other countries from 1925 to 2000. The taking of a
solemn vow by the founder, Ini Kopuria of the island of Gudalcnal, eventually led to such growth
that the brotherhood is now, not only the largest religious order for men under vows in the
Anglican Communion, but also has a parallel sisterhood, the Community of the Sisters of
This book, written by Brian Macdonald-Milne (a former chaplain and tutor of the Brotherhood and
a companion, the only member of the Brotherhood in Britain) also includes reflections on the
Missionary Calling of the Brotherhood by Richard Carter MBH, Chaplain of the Brotherhood.
A land without Evil
A Land without Evil
Stopping the genocide of Burma's Karen people
Benedict Rogers

The gentle Karen, a tribe in Burma’s eastern regions, call their country ‘a land without evil’. They number between
four and five million, and have fought for half a century to keep their land and identity. Many - at least 40% - are
Christians, and have suffered particularly harsh treatment.
Burma today and Karen State in particular, is a land torn apart by evil. Burma is ruled by one of the world’s most
brutal regimes, which took power by force, ignored election results, and survives by creating a climate of fear. The
military regime perpetrates crimes against humanity. It takes people for forced labour, uses villagers as human
minesweepers, captures children and forces them to become soldiers, systematically rapes ethnic minority women,
and burns down villages and crops. It has killed thousands, and stand accused of genocide and ethnic cleansing.
Over a million people are displaced in the jungles, without food, shelter or medicine. 1,500 political prisoners remain
behind bars.

This compassionate but unflinching account is an important step to galvanising Western opinion about this ongoing
act of genocide.
The Poor Man's Bible
by Dr P Solomon Raj
His own version of the 15th century block book
Faces of Vision
Images of Life and Faith by Jyoti Sahi & Eric Lott

Faces of Vision presents major themes in Jyoti's outpouring of evocative images. 'Life's Journey', 'Earth's
Epiphanies', 'The Body, Broken & Whole', 'Transfiguring Vision' include pictures and reflective comment
on such key images as Mother, Pilgrim, Seed, Tree, Fire, Drummer, Healer, Mystic, Bird, Dancer, and
many more.
Eric Lott is author of Healing Wings, Vedantic Approaches to God and Religious Faith, Human Identity. He
worked in India for over 30 years, especially in Bangalore as Professor of Indian Religion and Culture. His
reflections on Jyoti's images, on the 'Face of God', on Indian-Christian faith, including the sensitive issues
of Hindu and Dalit experience, plus other 'Indian Cultural Insights', add greatly to this book's importance.
Richard Harries (Lord Harries of Pentregarth, former Bishop of Oxford) writes in his foreword: "In these
paintings humanity and nature come together as part of God's whole (creation). Jyoti brings before us in
a way that is at once vivid and mysterious; the reality of the one God....The face of Christ opens out into
the universal"

Constance M Millington
"Dr Constance Millington has brought her scholarly gifts, her capacity for hard labour and
her enthusiasm to the work of writing this account....Bishop Michael Hollis played a
decisive part in bringing into one body, the Anglican, Methodist and Reformed Christians
to form.... the Church of South India. He had qualities of clarity and courage.... (Those)
now often deeply depressed and sceptical about the reunion of Christendom will read this
book and take heart". Bishop Lesslie Newbigin.
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