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Peace is born of Love
Love is born of understanding
Understanding is born of Listening
Listening leads to Justice and Peace
Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
The Advent season is a time of pilgrimage.  It is a time of travelling through
the world, troubled as it is, with hope, because above all the journeying is a
moving towards the love and light of Christmas. 
On any journey of pilgrimage the traveller has to be ready to take risks, to
learn, to change and to be challenged.  The pilgrim has always faced worry
and uncertainty by moving from a secure place into the unknown.  There is
the excitement of meeting new people, sharing new cultures, walking new
roads, learning new ways of living. 
The journey through the world mirrors the inner journey which is equally
risky and which may also bring dramatic change and newness. 
Our ADVENT BOOK has been written by Anthea Dove and illustrated by
Beate Dehnen.  The book includes prayers, readings, poetry and reflections
which will challenge us the readers to reflect, to pray and to act for our
troubled world.  We are asked to take our restored selves into the world of
refugees, hungry people and dying children.  We are asked to become
disciples of the Christ we are travelling towards. 
And as we travel towards the Christ child, we are asked to share in his loving
and giving.
We are asked to BE STRONG. TAKE HEART.  This is the title of our Advent
book, which is available from our office.   One of Beate’s illustrations in the
book, the one shown here, is the one we have chosen for our ANNUAL
CONFERENCE, which will focus on migration in Europe.  Our speakers include
Archbishop Rowan Williams, Jenny Brown of Christian Aid and Christine
Elliott from the CTBI.   The writer David Rhodes will lead our bible study and
we will have excellent seminar groups, resources and worship.     Go to the
flyer and booking forms by the button above
Please order the Advent book, and join us at the conference,  January 13th -
15th at Swanwick.

Kevin Commons book "Faith Beyond Belief" is still available. 
Details can be seen or the book can be downloaded via the
button.   CA have just published two new books, a book for
Advent,  "Be Strong Take Heart" by Anthea Dove, and "Alfred" by
Anthony Gimpel, the story of one man's resistance when the Nazi
army moved into Holland.   Flyers for these books can be seen
via the buttons below.

A Flyer and Order Form for 2016 Christmas cards can be reached
via the button below as can the new A5 2017 Desktop Calendar.    
The CA office also has a variety of new blank cards which are
suitable for many greetings.  

2 Saxby Street, Leicester LE2  0ND,
tel 01162540770
Opening hours Mon - Fri  10am - 4pm

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