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Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
The January 2015 CA annual conference focussed on refugees

We welcomed a NEW CHAIR, Bishop Angaelos who is head of the Coptic Orthodox Community in the UK. He is also one of our patrons. 

Our retiring chair, Bishop Alan Wilson, will remain with us as a trustee. 

Speakers at the conference included Anthony Harvey, theologian and author, former Canon of Westminster Abbey, and recent chair of the Churches Refugee Network, Louise Zanre, director of the Jesuit Refugee Service and Zoya Phan, of the Burma Campaign.

Anthony Harvey traced the mixed reception of immigrants down the ages and across the world.  There were always those who welcomed immigrants, including refugees, and there were always those who rejected them and assumed that they were ‘in the wrong.’  Even today innocent people are often treated badly and denied their human rights.  There is great need for information as well as compassion.

Louise Zanre spoke particularly about refugees in the UK, where the asylum process is slow and painful, and where detention is bleak and costly. 

Refugees need friendship, care, compassion and action for change.

Zoya Phan spoke about her own life in Burma, when villages were destroyed and people tortured, raped and forced to labour. Zoya and her family escaped to a camp in Thailand, where life was grim, but she has now achieved education and status in the UK.  People still suffer but Burma will hold elections in November 2015. The hope is that a federal democracy will be achieved, with equality for all and protection for minorities.

Alan Wilson led the Bible Study.  He pointed to the 92 times the alien is mentioned in the Old Testament and the challenge that was always there for everyone to be just and to work for justice. 

Seminar groups included refugees from Pakistan, led by Rana Khan, refugees from Afghanistan, led by Zainab Homan, child labourers in Kolkata, led by Anthony Das and the work of the St. Chad’s Sanctuary in Birmingham, led by Sister Margaret Walsh.  Geoff Weaver led the music group and all the music and singing for the conference.  
Anthony Das and Shampa came to the conference as special visitors from Kolkata.  We also invited one English sister and three Melanesian Sisters of the Church to join us. 

The conference ended with worship, with hope, prayer and a challenge to be both aware and active with those who suffer.

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January's Action Card Briefing was also on Syrian refugees and resettlement.    Details of the Action Card can be found by following the links below.

A new book "Faith beyond Belief" by Kevin Commons is now available.  Details can be seen via the button below.

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