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New Year 2017
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Peace is born of Love
Love is born of understanding
Understanding is born of Listening
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Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
The world goes into a New Year at a time of great uncertainty with new
political leaders bringing new policies with outcomes which are difficult to
predict, meanwhile the world has many new refugees, not least in Europe.    
The Christians Aware ANNUAL CONFERENCE, from January 13th - 15th, 2017 
will focus on migration in Europe.  The title is 'Longing for Freedom.' 
Refugees  do not leave home willingly but mostly because they fear for their
lives.  A new book, written by a Syrian refugee, includes a chapter entitled
'Forgive me Syria.'  The writer explains that she and her family could no
longer live with bombs and violence.  They had to go.
Our conference speakers include Archbishop Rowan Williams, Jenny Brown
of Christian Aid and Christine Elliott from the CTBI.   The writer David Rhodes
will lead our bible study and we will have excellent seminar groups,
resources and worship.     Go to the flyer and booking forms by the button
above to register for the conference.

Kevin Commons book "Faith Beyond Belief" is still available. 
Details can be seen or the book can be downloaded via the
button.   CA have just published two new books, a book for
Advent,  "Be Strong Take Heart" by Anthea Dove, and "Alfred" by
Anthony Gimpel, the story of one man's resistance when the Nazi
army moved into Holland.   Flyers for these books and for the
new A5 2017 Desktop Calendar and the January 2017 Action
Card can be seen via the buttons below.

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