March 2017 Action Card
Working for justice & peace
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Autumn 2020
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Peace is born of Love
Love is born of understanding
Understanding is born of Listening
Listening leads to Justice and Peace
Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
The Moment of Crisis has Come.
This is the title for our annual conference in January. It is taken from a
talk given by David Attenborough.  He was warning us all that the world,
its people and all its living things, are in great danger.  However, although
we live in a time of upheaval, a time of great insecurity, we do not yet live
in a time of catastrophe.
Speakers at our conference include David Peat, an astrophysicist, Helen
Browning from the Soil Association, Malcolm Guite a priest and poet and
Bishop John Perumbalath, Christians Awareèair. Geoff Weaver will
present music and song to refresh us for the future.  Seminar groups will
offer resources for our understanding and work.
Today our world is in crisis for many reasons including: 
u 1 in 10 people in the Developing World live below the
international poverty line.
u 700 million people live in extreme poverty
u 385 million children live in extreme poverty
u Climate change is affecting every country & person - though the
poorest people are affected most. Sea levels are rising, weather is
more extreme, greenhouse gas emissions are high & rising
u There is a worrying decline in mammals, birds, amphibians, corals
& cycads.  Reasons include habitat loss from unsustainable
farming, de-forestation, unsustainable harvests & trade, invasive
alien species, poaching, & trafficking of wildlife

The world has lost:
u 19% - cropland, 16% forest land, 19% - grassland, 28% - hunting &
grazing land
u 97% of UK wildflower meadows - since the second world war
u Forest areas continue to shrink.
Ways forward include more small farms, womenथvelopment,
agricultural diversity, crop diversity and sustainable energy.
We can all use less heat & hot water, drive less, choose energy saving
light bulbs & turn lights off when leaving a room.  We can educe, re-use,
recycle, buy energy efficient products, plant trees, pick up litter, teach

We can grow wilder gardens, restore wildflower meadows, protect
woodlands, plant trees, create ponds, protect wetlands, create urban
Time is short.
Where are we going?
What is the future?
What will keep us going?
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