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Living Responsibily

This was the title of our recent Summer School.   Hope is perhaps the greatest tool available to help us all to live responsibly in our world. The challenge to summer school participants was for learning and active engagement on every level of life, beginning with the personal and then, following the circles of community of Francis of Assisi, moving out to family, local church and neighbourhood, region, nation and world.  We were asked what we need to do, what kind of people we need to be and what resources would help us to live responsibly so that our world and people might have a future.

Learning about food and farming was at the heart of this summer school, with presentations on sustainable farming and on rural life in Somerset. One task is to work for healthy soil and to share news of organic farms and gardens at home and overseas.  We were inspired by stories of sheep grazing in orchards, of crimson clover, of many and various types of composting and much more.  Our awareness was raised about what we can learn from the developing world, including the planting of cabbages and beans together, agro-forestry and the use of natural manures.  We visited a very interesting organic farm, with sheep, chickens, pigs and cows.  The greenhouses were full of such beautiful food plants that we were inspired to go home to grow more ourselves and to share news with others.

The story of the painstaking building of an eco-house was inspiring. The house, built around straw bales and with a frame of green Douglas firs, was beautiful, never cold and comfortable. 

Living responsibly is for the whole world and we were made aware of the history and current exploitation of developing countries and challenged to work for just trading relations, lower food prices, food security and a reduction in the power of the multi-national companies.  ‘Global Justice Now’ is something for us all to learn from and work for.

Making a move towards sustainable energy was an important summer school focus; and it was suggested that the move away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy could be analogous to the exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land, via the desert.  The dangers of fracking were discussed, the main one being that it will produce yet another fossil fuel to add more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.  The need for us all to record our carbon footprint and to do something to compensate was highlighted.

There are many problems facing our planet with climate change and poverty at the top of the list; but problems can become challenges which can be faced, and with responsible living and hope we may all enjoy a healthier future.    

The summer magazine includes many opportunities for members to experience different realities, to be challenged and resourced for new ways of thinking and working, towards good in out world.

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