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We have a long, strong friendship with Zambia and especially with the Church in
Eastern Zambia, where William Mchombo is the bishop.  William has visited us
here in the UK twice now, to a summer school in Glastonbury and to Yorkshire.
Mike and Janet Capel have made our link with Zambia possible, and have led
several CA groups to Eastern Zambia.   A group visit is planned for
May/June 2019.  Please ask the office for details.
This year we received a visit from two Zambian priests and there was much to
share.   Samson Mwanza is the priest of Mzenje Parish, which was set up from
Msoro Mission.  Msoro is now the cathedral church of the diocese.   Samson
works hard in his parish with thirteen congregations and three preaching points
to travel around.  He is constantly involved in lay training, pastoral work and
participation in many groups.  One of the recent achievements of the parish has
been the formation of women’s clubs and the raising of awareness of gender
issues and of general deprivation.  Samuels’ wife, Esther, is the diocesan gender
officer.  Mzenje is fortunate to have her as a leader and member of the
community.  One important outcome of her work has been that more of the
village girls are now in school.   The church supports the school and Christians
Aware members have visited and become involved.  There are still many
challenges.  Samson said, ’Early pregnancies and marriages and the
resulting school drop-outs, are still high.’
He also said, ‘Our parish is working to bring change to the people’s lives,
through the use of locally available God - given gifts.’
Philip Mwale is the parish priest of Mfuwe Parish, where he says, ‘I thank God
for my family and for all they do.’      The parish is on the edge of the
Luangwa Valley National Park, a wonderful place, full of wildlife and beautiful
landscapes.   There are seven congregations and St. Agnes is the central one.  
The people who live in this parish have mixed feelings about the wildlife, as they
do not find it either worthwhile or safe to do any farming or gardening.    This
means that there is more poverty than in other rural areas, and people, mostly
men, are often driven to find work away from home, with all the associated
problems that brings.  Women often turn to  prostitution.  The church works
hard to keep marriages together. Women are encouraged to join a scheme for
micro-banking, which gives them the ability and resources to develop businesses. 
Philip has said that,. Since women are the majority in the Church, giving has
improved.  My hope is that we will be able to develop projects to make the
church independent financially and thus to promote the mission of the
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