Faith Awareness Overview
"Religion is not a department of life, Religion is life itself." Amos Anti, Ghana
It is impossible to relate to faith-filled neighbours without relating to their faiths.

People of faith may be enriched in learning about the faiths of their neighbours, in understanding them them and working together locally on community issues like housing and education.

The Faith Awareness programme offers opportunities for encounter between members of all faiths in the hope that participants will seek to develop mutual understanding, trust and respect, not hiding difference, and recognising the uniqueness and special contribution of each faith to its people and to the world.


Awareness Days are opportunities to meet people of faith in their communities, and places of worship. To listen to introductory talks. To join in question and answer sessions, and discussions on faith and life in 21st Century Britain.

Weekend courses, conferences, and day conferences focus on issues of faith and of the world shared by people of more than one faith.

Evening courses of six or eight sessions provide times when particular faiths or issues may be tackled in some depth.

Overseas visits and exchanges are arranged with communities where the membership is of people of more one faith. Opportunities include visits to India, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and the Middle East.

New book Religion - Life Itself detailing our courses and conferences for Faith Awareness is available from the mail order shop at 5.  Please see the Shop section of the website

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