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The Patrons
Ailsa Moore 
Former director, Ockenden Venture, writer, peace worker with special interest in refugees
Timothy Ranji
Anglican bishop of Mount Kenya South, development worker with great interest in children's health &
Rowan Williams
Rachel Stephens
Methodist development worker.
Leader of CA groups to Ethiopia
Dinis Sengulane 
Anglican Bishop of Lebombo in Mozambique.
Development worker with world wide brief to eradicate malaria
Frank Sargeant
Anglican bishop
(England) & painter
Jyoti Sahi
Indian artist expressing Indian faith and culture
Alfred Chipman
Anglican bishop
(Australia).  Pioneered youth
development in Kenya
John Inge
Bishop of Worcester, writer with focus on spirituality
Former Archbishop
of Canterbury
Bill Schwartz OBE

Anglican Archdeacon in the (Arabian) Gulf, Episcopal Church in Jerusalem & the Middle East