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The Christians Aware Logo
The shape of the 'C' and the 'A' show the need for balance of the spiritual and the practical within each person.  All our activities and resources enable further reflection and action.

The colour and position of the 'C' and the 'A' indicates the importance of meetings between people who are different from each other.   Our main aim is to enable international, multi-cultural, and inter-faith understanding.

The sense of movement in the logo is towards balance, equality and harmony between people at personal, group, national and international levels.  So we encourage sharing, by listening and talking, receiving and giving.   Our experiences of encounter teach us that everyone has gifts and needs.  God is present in everyone, whatever their religion or culture.

There is light in the dark, and dark in the light.  In meeting others many have come to realise how much they have to learn about themselves and their own culture, religion and situation.

There is a cross at the centre of the logo.  We believe it is at the centre of all meeting, giving, receiving and sharing, forgiving and being forgiven.  In our experience it signifies the shadow or struggle which lies between conception and birth, between vision and creation.

The outside square corner on the 'A' reminds us that the movement towards balance, harmony, and unity is always imperfect, like all human efforts.  The challenge is to continue in our efforts towards the Kingdom of God, however far off it may be and however short and weak the footsteps towards it.

Sharing Ways  and Wisdoms leads to our Work for Justice, Peace and Development